As the name suggests, the Ensai Engineers’ Forum is organized by the Forum Association, which strives each year to gather a significant number of quality companies. For students, this day is the ideal opportunity to secure an internship. Fortunately, the Forum goes all out, offering students, especially a few weeks before the event but also throughout the year, “Un Forum Presque Parfait” (A Nearly Perfect Forum). This initiative allows students to present their resumes and cover letters for feedback and improvement before the big day, or even to undergo mock job interviews.

Every year, this practice helps numerous students enhance their resumes both in content and form, making it easier for them to secure internships.

Occasionally, the Forum also conducts real interviews for students who feel the need, thus providing them with confidence and advice.

These sessions at other times of the year also offer opportunities to discuss and debate current topics in the professional world, among students or with specialized speakers, for example.