Forum Ensai is an association founded in 1996 and has continuously evolved since then. Through various events, we connect students with the private and public professional world.

Official poster for the Business Forum

Business forum

The Business Forum (or Engineers’ Forum) is an event created for engineering students at Ensai. It facilitates connections between dozens of companies, such as Société Générale or Louis Vuitton, and highly motivated Ensai students.

During this event, internships are offered to second- and third-year students. However, our first-year students are also present to secure their first internship and learn more about careers in statistics.

The Forum takes place over one day in person and two days online through Seekube, in November each year. For the 2022 session, it will be held on November 16, 17, and 18.

Unofficial poster for the Insee Forum

Insee Forum

The Insee Forum (also known as the Public Statistics Forum or the Civil Servant Forum) is an event created for trainee statistical officers at Insee. It connects students with the world of public statistics.

Like the Business Forum, internships as well as job positions are offered, and Ensai students are highly motivated to secure their opportunities. Various departments of Insee are present, along with Ministerial Statistical Services (SSM) and other public entities like the Public Treasury.

This forum takes place over one day or an afternoon in person in January. The dates for the 2024 session have not been set yet as they will depend on the dates of Insee’s Mobility Campaign.